Reed's Home Delivery

Daily service from the San Francisco Design Center

Partnering with 400+ manufacturers and designer services, we offer:

  • Commercial and Residential Deliveries
  • Specialization in Mid-to-High End Furnishings
  • Repairs and Deluxeing
  • Status Calls
  • Eco-Friendly (Paperless Billing Available)
  • Model Home Staging
  • Warehouse and Storage Service

Hello everybody!
I have some exciting news to share… Reed's is growing!!  
Because of this, I will be working on other projects within the company and will no longer be your main point of contact.

I’d like to introduce Rachel! She will be your aide in coordinating designer deliveries and is eager to work with you all. Rachel has extensive experience in the fashion industry and is excited to incorporate and grow her skills into the world of furniture.  We will be partnering together over the next few weeks while she continues to get acquainted.  

Please direct future emails to Of course if you do need to reach me, my email is the same and I will help in any way to make this transition as easy as pie. Thank you! 

Warm Regards, 
Rachel & Nicole